Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders: Claremore Attorney

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One of the most sensitive areas of criminal law is domestic violence. Emotions can run high among all parties, and receiving fair treatment is critical for those who have been accused of domestic violence — husbands and wives both. Allegations may swirl around Claremore couples when they are going through a divorce, for example, and having an experienced attorney at the ready can help to defuse a tense situation.

At Price & Sears, P.C., we are well-versed in defending people who have been accused of crimes involving domestic violence, including child abuse and assault of a spouse. These kinds of cases are extremely sensitive ones and must be handled with superior service from attorneys who have argued very difficult criminal cases in court, and who have been successful time and time again.

In addition, those who are the victims of domestic violence deserve to have the support of a lawyer who will represent their interests. This may be in the form of filing for restraining orders or protective orders in Oklahoma courts.

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