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At the law firm of Price & Sears, P.C., we put our clients first. We endeavor to be responsive to the people who need our help the most. This is particularly important for someone who has been accused of a crime and needs immediate help from an experienced lawyer.

It is crucial to have a DUI attorney who has gotten favorable results for clients who have been through a drunk driving arrest. The consequences under Oklahoma law can be severe for people who are convicted of a drunk driving-related offense, including jail time, heavy fines and the loss of driving privileges. Therefore, having an attorney with experience arguing DUI cases in Rogers County is of the utmost importance.

When You Need Help, We Will Be There

As members of a leading law firm in Claremore, our attorneys are adept at defending clients against charges such as driving under the influence and DUI manslaughter. We are skilled criminal defense attorneys and we have an excellent record with regard to getting favorable results for our clients.

People in Rogers County, as well as in nearby communities, such as Pryor, can feel confident when they choose a law firm such as Price & Sears, P.C., that works hard for its clients. We take our role in the community very seriously, and we are committed to giving our clients the best possible service and results.

If you have been charged with DUI in Oklahoma, don't wait to seek legal advice. Contact us at the law firm of Price & Sears, P.C., online or call us today toll free at 800-736-5876 or 918-923-3370. We are eager to speak with you about your case.